Barbie Fashion Photo Doll - Turn Lens & Barbie Moves! (2001)

Barbie Fashion Photo - Turn The Lens & Barbie Moves! is a 2001 Mattel production.
Includes: 11.5 Barbie Doll. Outfit w/5 Fashion Looks: Skirt. Pants. Cuffs. Shrug. Halter Top. Shoes. Sunglasses. Purse. 2 Silver tone Bracelets. Fashion Stand. Play pretend Camera approx. 3.5 w x 2.25 h.
Control the Action from the Camera! Make lots of Cool Fashion Looks!
For Ages 3 Years. All info to best of my ability & may not be exact; colors. styles. sizes & info may vary.

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With the Fashion Photo Barbie doll. girls can pretend to be a fashion photographer and create hot new looks for Barbie to model. Set up your Barbie doll in the enclosed fashion stand. then grab the play camera and shoot. When you look through the viewfinder and adjust the camera lens. Barbie moves and turns (via a wire attached to the camera from the stand). striking some serious fashion poses. Keep turning the lens and Barbie keeps moving in a variety of ways. All you need is some music in the background and you're a famous photographer at a photo shoot. Then press the camera's button (it really clicks) and her picture is taken. Comes with four premade pictures measuring approximately 1 by 2 inches. Barbie's cool blue outfit can be manipulated to create at least five different looks. including a skirt that turns into a minidress and pants that turn into capris. Also comes with a trendy-looking purse. a bracelet. and cool-looking sunglasses. Camera does not take actual photos.


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